Sun Damaged Tires? Get Your Summer Tire Savings At Midwest Motors!

We're on track for one of the hottest summers in decades, and the sun is shining bright. It's a great time of year to take a road trip, but before you do, you should be aware that the sun's rays can have an impact of the condition of your tires! 

The Sun Can Damage Your Tires
Excessive heat, and the constant beating down of the sun can cause wear, cracking, damage, and even warp your tires, making a vehicle less safe on the road. A tire blow out on the highway can be extremely dangerous. The hot days of summer can wear your tires down quicker than than in the winter and colder months - and can even cause already existing damage to get worse in a hurry.

With every 10-degree increase in air temperature, your tire pressure increases by 1 PSI - without you touching the tires! This also comes into play when you drive - the friction of the road, the blacktop you drive on, the tires themselves, and the sun - they all work together to heat up your tire, increasing your PSI by as much as 5 while on the road!

A common heat-caused issue that goes with tires in the summer is dry rotting. Dry-rot, sidewall cracking, tread cracking, and other heat related damage occurs when the oil used to make the rubber in your tires begins to evaporate. 

How to Care For Your Tires
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated to the correct PSI
  • Keep tires rotated to keep the wear even
  • Watch for cracking, dry rot, and other tread damage
  • Make sure you have a good spare tire, and the proper tools to change it
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