New products

Each body is tested to make sure its lighting system works properly.
At a time when Ford is introducing aluminum pickups and customers are increasingly valuing weight reduction and corrosion resistance, aluminum is becoming increasingly popular as a material for manufacturing truck bodies. That includes the types of bodies that CM manufactures.

One of the company’s recent introductions is a hybrid model—one that uses a steel subframe and aluminum sheet for the exterior. The steel enables the body to retain the towing capacity that steel bodies boast while providing much of the weight savings and corrosion resistance of aluminum.

The hybrid model joins a variety of aluminum bodies—flatbeds as well as ranch and tow bodies and a group of steel bodies for multiple applications. They include

CM offers aluminum or steel bodies—or a combination of the two. The combination steel and aluminum tow body uses the same powder-coated steel under-structure as its fully steel bodies. This maintains the strength required for the standard 26,000-pound gooseneck hitch, but the weight savings of an aluminum body offers extra payload and corrosion resistance.


•  Steel platform body. It includes square bulkhead.

•  Steel skirted welder body.


Coming in the third quarter, CM plans to heavily promote its new steel dump body.

“We really do have a diverse product line, and we have designed them to fit all major OEM trucks,” Lewis says.