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CM Flatbeds Have TexArmor - But What Is It

CM Flatbeds Have TexArmor - But What Is It?

Since last December, every truck bed produced by CM Truck Beds has been coated with the best in class primer powder and durable yet high gloss powdercoat top coat by TexArmor. Why do this? Not only does your truck bed look cleaner, sleeker, and better looking with the high gloss finish, the TexArmor coating is known for its durability and longevity. This means your truck will be more resistant to corrosion and damage from the elements than ever before. Kahn beds, Knapheide beds, PJ Trailers, Kahntec, and similar brands simply cannot compete with CM Truck beds rugged durability, value, and craftsmanship. But the craftsmanship doesnt stop when a CM Flatbed leaves the factory. When we install a CM Truck bed at Midwest Motors, we don't weld our beds on. Some other dealers and distributors do this because it saves them time. However, we bolt our beds on for a superior and longer lasting bond between the truck and your bed. Think of it this way, would you rather glue two pieces of wood together (weld) or screw them together with a power drill (bolt)? The answer should be obvious - the wood screwed together will stay put for much longer - if not indefinitely! Our powder coated CM Truck Beds not only look great with UV resistant powder coating - but will last you a long time when you choose Midwest Motors as your preferred CM Flatbed installer! 

Get New Tires Installed This Summer at Midwest Mot

Sun Damaged Tires? Get Your Summer Tire Savings At Midwest Motors!

We're on track for one of the hottest summers in decades, and the sun is shining bright. It's a great time of year to take a road trip, but before you do, you should be aware that the sun's rays can have an impact of the condition of your tires! 

The Sun Can Damage Your Tires
Excessive heat, and the constant beating down of the sun can cause wear, cracking, damage, and even warp your tires, making a vehicle less safe on the road. A tire blow out on the highway can be extremely dangerous. The hot days of summer can wear your tires down quicker than than in the winter and colder months - and can even cause already existing damage to get worse in a hurry.

With every 10-degree increase in air temperature, your tire pressure increases by 1 PSI - without you touching the tires! This also comes into play when you drive - the friction of the road, the blacktop you drive on, the tires themselves, and the sun - they all work together to heat up your tire, increasing your PSI by as much as 5 while on the road!

A common heat-caused issue that goes with tires in the summer is dry rotting. Dry-rot, sidewall cracking, tread cracking, and other heat related damage occurs when the oil used to make the rubber in your tires begins to evaporate. 

How to Care For Your Tires
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated to the correct PSI
  • Keep tires rotated to keep the wear even
  • Watch for cracking, dry rot, and other tread damage
  • Make sure you have a good spare tire, and the proper tools to change it
Please visit our Service Center to schedule an appointment, or give us a call at (636) 938-5777

7 Summer Car Care Tips

7 Summer Car Care Tips from Midwest Motors

1. Tires
Tires really need to be checked regularly all year round. Pressures must be correct (consult the manual because sometimes that information is on the inside of the fuel door or the door jamb for the driver's door), treads should be free of stones, stray nails and the like, and all four should be in good condition. Good condition means no cracks, no uneven wear (this might be caused by a suspension problem) and plenty of tread depth. Since summer is a time for road trips, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a can of Fix-A-Flat that could at least get you to a shady spot where you could change the wheel more comfortably. The spare obviously needs to be usable, too.

2. Engine Belts
There is usually a serpentine belt that runs between the alternator, the fan and several other components. It can deteriorate, become loose, start to squeal, and sometimes just break for no apparent reason. It needs to be in good condition and at the right amount of tension. If you see cracks in the belt or small pieces missing, it's time to replace the belt.

3. Coolant System
Keeping cool is paramount, not just for ourselves but also for our cars. In addition to checking the level of coolant fluid in your car, go the extra mile and inspect the state of the hoses and the coolant reservoir. Keep an eye out for leaks, especially at joints and connection points, such as where a hose connects to the engine block. Also, squeeze the hoses (when the engine is cool) every once in a while to make sure they feel firm and not excessively squishy or soft.

4. Essential Fluids
Check oil, brake, power-steering and windshield-washer fluids regularly. These liquids never stop being used and consumed. Speaking of brake fluid, how do the brakes on your car feel in general? Are they lacking in bite? Feeling a bit spongy? If so, new pads and a system bleed might be required. This is the kind of maintenance you should have your mechanic or dealership take care of.

5. Keeping It In The Shade
For those times when you're not driving, but the car is still out in the sun, a cover that goes in the windshield will protect the dashboard against ultraviolet rays and help the cabin stay a little cooler. Some even have solar panels to keep the battery charged. Consider shades for the rear side windows, too, as they'll provide some protection for the kids. This also helps prevent areas such as the rear seats and dashboard from fading over time.

6. Air-Conditioning System
Air-conditioning is a summer essential. If the system hasn't been working properly but wasn't really a pressing issue over the winter, now's the time to get serious. If it's an older system, then leaking Freon into the atmosphere is not good. There are plenty of leak-sealing products and refrigerant rechargers available from hobbyist stores and even places like Walmart. Remember, if there's not enough refrigerant in the system, you have a leak. Have a qualified mechanic fix the leak before paying to have the air-conditioning system recharged.

7. Be Prepared
It's hot out there. Make sure everyone's hydrated. It's better to make a few more bathroom breaks and stretch your legs than to end up cranky and fatigued. Plan road trips as if you were a general marching against an opposing army. Make a list of everything you're going to need. For example: sunglasses, hats, travel mugs, games for the kids, snacks, chargers for the phones and tablets, route planner, weather forecasts, emergency triangle, flashlight and a small tool kit. If a scheduled service is coming up, think about getting it done before a long drive. It's also wise to make sure your insurance and driving license are up to date. Have a great summer, enjoy the roads, and take care of yourself and your car.

Midwest Motors Memorial Day Sale

End of May Memorial Day Sale at Midwest Motors

(636) 938-5777
http://www.midwestmotors.biz From now until the end of the month, Midwest Motors in Eureka is having a Memorial Day Sale that you wont want to miss! Come by and see our extensive line up of cars, trucks, and SUV's – from red porches to white mustangs and blue trucks, we've got it all! We also sell and install CM flatbeds – we can even help you make them your own with custom additions like back up cameras and more! Stop by and see us before May 31st because this sale won't last forever! Give us a call at 636 938 5777 or visit us online at midwestmotors.biz today!

Why Choose Midwest Motors Over Carvana

Why Choose Midwest Motors Over Carvana?

Carvana says that they sell vehicles that have never been in an accident, while offering delivery of a vehicle you have to buy - sight unseen. And once you’ve received your car, you’ll have 7 days to make sure you made the right choice. Carvana claims to be the best choice in buying your next vehicle. But are you willing to accept buying a car from an unknown source? Let's take a look at how Carvana chooses their vehicles.

Carvana uses 3 steps when looking at cars to list for sale:

Whomever is selling their vehicle to Carvana will be asked to disclose the vehicle's accident history (They can be dishonest)
Carvana pulls an auto check report (But you must request and pay extra for a real CarFax)
Carvana staff checks each vehicle

Consumer Reports, in 2012, ran vehicle VINs (each of which was known to have been damaged) through 5 different services, including Carfax, VINCheck, and  two different "services providing information from the federal government's National Motor Vehicle Title Information Systems database”

While most of the vehicles with minor damage were reported correctly, Consumer Reports actually found “that the reports were most likely to be incorrect for vehicles that had serious damage but for various reasons were not declared a total loss.”

Long story short, when you buy a car from Carvana, you don't really know what you're getting. And unless you pay even more to take your car to a mechanic within those 7 days for an inspection, you could end up with a bad deal on a car that you cant take to the dealer you purchased from.

Midwest Motors is different. We might not let you keep the car for a week before you buy, but we do offer warranties with our vehicles, protection plans, and each of our vehicles is serviced and inspected by our certified and experienced mechanics. That way you can trust that the car has been well looked after, is road ready, and doesn't have a shady hidden past. We're open and honest with our customers, and that's why St. Louis has been choosing Midwest Motors since 1995. 

LiftGator XTR Portable Lift Gate At Midwest Motors

LiftGator XTR Portable Lift Gate At Midwest Motors

Midwest Motors in Eureka MO stocks the LiftGator XTR - a portable liftgate system that attaches with most flatbeds, pickups, utility and service trucks with 2" or 2 ½" hitch receivers. Simple, easy, and fast, installing the Liftgator XTR takes just under five minutes. When you choose the LiftGator XTR, you're choosing a 1,300-pound-capacity liftgate that can be easily installed in removed in a matter of minutes. With no modifications required, the LiftGator is a great option for your commercial truck fleet as it can be swapped and moved around between vehicles.

Equipped with a 48? x 48? platform (or larger depending on which model you purchase) the LiftGator is easily operated with a single button. Each charge using the 110v trickle charger allows 20 lifts to be completed at a time. This ensures you won't be hassling with it constantly to ensure a charge. Simply charge and go! The LiftGator is your solution to adding a liftgate to your truck that is affordable, convenient, and offers a great value! 

Give us a call today at (636) 938-5777 to learn more!

LiftGator Portable Lift Gate At Midwest Motors!

How Does A LiftGator Attach To The Vehicle?

  • A LiftGator is simply rolled to the back of the vehicle on the provided wheels and slid into the hitch receiver. A LiftGator can be easily attached to the vehicle in less than three minutes. 

  • A LiftGator will fit either a 2? or 2 ½” hitch receiver. The two important measurements are; from the ground to the top of hitch receiver, which must be 24? or less, and the top of the hitch receiver to the bed of the vehicle, which must be 24? or less.

  • No, a LiftGator rides securely on the vehicle when the provided hitch stabilizer is tightened.

  • Yes, a LiftGator comes with a full 1-year warranty covering structural, mechanical, and electrical systems.

Save More On Your Used Car From Midwest Motors

Used Car and Truck Buying Tips from Midwest Motors

Are you in the market for a new car or truck? We're happy you chose Midwest Motors as your go-to dealership in St. Louis! Midwest Motors has a large inventory of new and used cars, from low-priced economy cars to sports cars, luxury models, and heavy duty trucks. But how can you save more when you make your next car purchase? Follow these tips and you'll be sure to save some extra cash for the summer months ahead! 

Money Down is Important

Make sure you're putting as much money down on the car as you can. This will mean that less of the purchase price will need to be financed. What that means to you is that there will be less money that has interest applied to it, so your monthly payment will be lower, and you'll pay less for the vehicle over the life of your payments. 

Trade In Your Vehicle

Midwest Motors happily welcomes trades of all kinds! A trade in can work in the same way as your down payment will. You'll end up with a lower monthly payment, and could even get more for your old vehicle than you thought it was worth! We evaluate all trades on site rather than over the phone so you can be sure we are giving you an accurate and fair offer. We even buy cars - even if you don't buy from us! 

Stay Up On Your Credit Score

Make sure you are aware of your credit! Credit is one of the biggest factors in determining your eligibility in receiving a loan, and will help to determine your interest rate. Having a better credit score means your interest rate will improve! Building credit is also important if you have a lower score or newer credit. If you have issues on your credit report, there are a number of things you can do to improve your score. Writing a "Good will letter" if you've missed a payment might allow you to get the bad marks removed from your credit report and get a better score. It's important to know this information because it has the biggest impact on what kind of financing the buyer is eligible for.

Pick a Dealer You Trust

Midwest Motors has been serving St. Louis since 1995. We encourage you to look at our online reviews! Been here before? Please search for us on facebook, yelp, or google, and leave us a review! We appreciate all of the kind comments and trust we get from our customers. We look forward to seeing you and serving your needs at Midwest Motors in Eureka, MO! 

St. Louis Lift Kit Upfitting - 2015 Jeep Wrangler

Lift Kit Sales, Upfitting, and Installation in St. Louis MO
Looking for a dealer that can upfit your truck, SUV, or other vehicle with a lift kit or other accessories? Here at Midwest Motors in Eureka, MO - just minutes from St. Louis - we have an experienced team that has the knowledge and the know-how to get your vehicle upfitted with a lift kit, light bar, cattle guard, specialty wheels and tires, and more. Have you purchased a lift kit but don't know how to install? Leave it to us! We have worked with all major brands and our lift kits are installed with longevity and durability in mind. Lift kits can make your truck, SUV, or Jeep have a much more aggressive and rugged appearance, and help you stand out on the road! In addition to the appearance advantages, you'll be much more capable in off road situations with more ground clearance and more aggressive tires.

Check out this Jeep we upfitted with an AEV RS lift kit!

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Why Choose Midwest Motors For Your Truck Bed

Truck Beds Near St. Louis - Why Choose Midwest Motors?
Midwest Motors has been serving St. Louis' work truck needs since 1995! We are experienced in working with all sorts of trucks, from small to large, gas to diesel. Our technicians are experienced with the ins and outs of our trucks, so when we put trucks on the dealership lot, we know they have been serviced by a team that knows what they're doing. In addition to being a used truck dealership, we also sell and install CM Truck Beds at our location just outside St. Louis in Eureka MO. We even have an ebay store! Whether youre in St. Louis or anywhere in the USA, Midwest Motors is your home for flat beds and truck bed sales and installation!
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